How to apply for a lawyer

The Office of the Public Defender will provide legal services to any person  who is financially unable to obtain a private attorney according to the  indigency guidelines, and:

  1. who has been arrested for, charged with, or convicted of an offense or  offenses punishable by imprisonment;
  2. who has been arrested for or charged with a law or ordinance violation for  which such person may be or is subject to the provisions of Chapter 571, Hawai`i  Revised Statutes (under which a minor may be adjudicated a law violator);
  3. whose probations or parole may be revoked;
  4. whose liberty is threatened by confinement, against his or her will, in any  psychiatric or other mental institution or facility;
  5. who is the subject of a petition for involuntary outpatient treatment; or
  6. who is otherwise entitled by law to be represented by legal counsel (e.g.  Expedited Sentencing Program, Act 316, 1993 Session Laws).